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  • Natural Capital Declaration
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  • Natural Capital Declaration

10 November 2014, Milan, Italy – Natural Capital in Finance

14.00 CET, 10 November 2014
Milan, Italy


The NCD Signatory UniCredit is hosting an event together with the Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile during SRI Week in Italy to discuss the relevance of natural capital to the finance sector, and the growing momentum to catalyse related risks and opportunities.


REGISTRATION: To find out more or register for the event, call +39 0230516028 or contact eventi@finanzasostenibile.it


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Welcome and introduction Maurizio Beretta, Head of Group Identity, UniCredit
Governments and Natural Capital Aldo Ravazzi Douvan, DG Sustainable Development, Climate & Energy Ministry of Environment, Land & Sea and EU Biodiversity Resource Mobilization Experts Group.
How is natural capital relevant to the financial sector and what is UNEP FI doing (E-RISC, Inquiry, NCD)? Anders Nordheim, UNEP FI Programme Coordinator for Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Water
Q&A with first speakers
How are companies starting to respond to business risks and opportunities linked to natural capital? Marco Frey,Chair of Global Compact Italian Network, Professor at Scuola Superiore, Sant’anna di Pisa.
What is the NCD doing? Projects and practical outputs. Liesel van Ast, Programme Manager, Natural Capital Declaration
Why does a Financial Institution strive to integrate natural capital considerations? How is UniCredit starting to take these factors into account? Giorgio Capurri, UniCredit
Panel/group discussion with all attendees.


Chair: Davide Dal Maso – Secretary General – Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile


What’s the vision for the financial sector response to natural capital challenges to increase resilience by 2020? What are the main barriers to managing natural capital-related risks and opportunities within loans and investments? How can these be addressed? Are there practical examples to learn from?

Closing remarks and follow up  –  Liesel van Ast, Programme Manager, NCD

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