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  • Natural Capital Declaration

16 October 2014, Geneva, Switzerland – Natural Capital Declaration Update

Date and time: 16 October, 14.00-15.30 CET
Venue: World Investment Forum, Palais de Nations, Geneva, Building E, Room XXIV


The Natural Capital Declaration is hosting an event for signatories, supporters, friends and other interested parties.


REGISTRATION: Please register by contacting Anders Nordheim at anders.nordheim@unep.org


This official side event to the UNCTAD World Investment Forum will present a high-level overview of the aims, work programme and activities of financial institutions under the umbrella of the NCD. It will also feature previews of outputs from the first pilot projects, as the initiative prepares to launch the first of many studies, tools and frameworks for understanding, embedding, accounting for and disclosing natural capital considerations in the financial sector.




1) Introduction to the Natural Capital Declaration
– Why is it needed?
– What are the aims? Anders Nordheim (UNEP FI)


2) Pilot projects
– Bank and Investor Risk Policies for Soft Commodities (5 min), Anders Nordheim (UNEP FI)
– ASN Bank – Financial Sector perspective 1 (10 min), Jeroen Loots – Senior Advisor Climate & Biodiversity (ASN Bank)
– Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit (E-RISC) (10 min), Martin Halle – Policy Advisor (Global Footprint Network)
– S&P – Financial Sector perspective 2 (10 min), Miroslav Petkov – Director and Head of EMEA Insurance ERM Team (Standard & Poor’s Rating)
– Mapping Natural Capital Risks Across Portfolios and Embedding them in Credit Risk Assessment (10 min), Liesel van Ast – Programme Manager (Natural Capital Declaration)
– Other NCD projects (10 min), Liesel van Ast and Anders Nordheim


3) The way forward
– Financial institutions participating in pilot projects and working groups
– How is the NCD linked to other initiatives?
– How can you contribute?, Liesel van Ast


4) Q&A



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