Demonstrate financial sector leadership on natural capital. 

The NCD is a public commitment from financial institutions to develop methodologies and systemically integrate natural capital factors into risk and valuation models. Signatories contribute to and share emerging knowledge in the field to innovate and shape structured approaches that embed natural capital in financial products and services. By signing the NCD, financial institutions also gain access to:

  • UNEP FI and UN system expertise and resources on environmental issues and policymaking.
  • Resources such as studies, pilot project results, newsletters, and webinars that provide the latest developments on the evidence of material natural capital risk and tools to manage financial exposure.
  • A global environmental finance hub to develop thought leadership on the financial sector perspective on natural capital risks and opportunities.

The NCFA welcomes the participation of all types of financial institutions that are committed to understanding and acting on natural capital considerations.

In order to become a signatory to the NCD, the following information is required: 

  • NCD signatory letter signed by the CEO. 
  • Quote from the CEO outlining the organisation’s motivation for signing the NCD (to be uploaded onto this website).
  • Photo of the CEO to accompany the quote (to be uploaded onto this website).
  • Brief profile of the organisation and its existing environmental and/or sustainability initiatives.

Please contact us for further information.