• Natural Capital Declaration
  • Natural Capital Declaration
  • Natural Capital Declaration
  • Natural Capital Declaration
  • Natural Capital Declaration
  • Natural Capital Declaration

Signatories – Financial Institutions

The Natural Capital Declaration is endorsed by financial institutions who commit at CEO level to work towards integrating Natural Capital criteria into their financial products and services.


Current endorsers of the NCD are:


Rabobank Group

“The Earth’s resources are the basis for our economy, our food supply and our well-being. We therefore have to guard nature and act according to its rules. We are stewards: for ourselves, for our economy, for food security, for nature itself and for the generations-to-come. This thinking should be the core of business: working in full co-operation with nature!.” – Piet W. Moerland, CEO, Rabobank Nederland







National Australia Bank

“NAB recognises that all companies are dependent on ecosystem services, either through their supply chains, around their operating sites or via their customers. We see that managing natural value includes the economic valuing of ecosystem services and the natural environment – that is, recognising impact and dependency on biodiversity and ecosystem services and accounting for them within traditional business frameworks and the way we do business. This is important for the sustainability of our business and economic systems. NAB has been investigating these issues and is starting to explore how we can review our business models. And for these reasons National Australia Bank endorses the Natural Capital Declaration.” – Cameron Clyne, CEO of National Australia Bank



“UniCredit acknowledges that only by preserving ecosystem services it is possible to maintain economic development in a sustainable way. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and water scarcity are undermining human activities. That’s why, over recent years, we have engaged in a number of initiatives aiming at reducing direct and indirect impacts of our operations. Through our greenhouse gases abatement targets, our suppliers’ selection criteria, and our lending practices we are trying to demonstrate that businesses can play an active role in addressing the challenges of the XXI century. We engage with our customers and suppliers, and in private public partnership, so that businesses together with policy makers can contribute to preserve nature and eradicate poverty and hunger. For these reasons we endorse the Natural Capital Declaration.” – Federico Ghizzoni, CEO of UniCredit



“As an insurer we routinely sell policies that we expect to be on our books for 50 years – in fact the longest paying policy on our book is 92 years old. Delivering on our promise that we will be around and in good shape to meet our obligations in 50 years time is essentially how we define our sustainability challenge. It is clear to us that economic and social wealth is inextricably linked to the natural resource base and that to ensure a sustainable future our shared natural resource base must remain healthy and viable. Sovereign is committed to understanding the impact that our investments have on natural capital and to make this visible to all of our stakeholders. We are therefore, very proud to support the Natural Capital Declaration as a global initiative to measure, disclose and take action to value natural resources as an extension of capital and look forward to working with others to realise this ambition.” – Charles Anderson, CEO of Sovereign


International Finance Corporation

“IFC is firmly committed to protecting the environment. The recent update of IFC’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability reflects our recognition of the value of natural resources and their contribution to people’s livelihoods,” said IFC Executive Vice President and CEO, Lars Thunell. “I am therefore very glad to be a signatory to this declaration and for IFC to participate in the leadership that financial institutions are taking on this important issue.” – Lars Thunell, CEO of International Finance Corporation





Standard Chartered

“Standard Chartered takes a long term view of the environmental consequences of our actions, either directly from our operations or indirectly through our relationship with business partners. We ensure we build a sustainable business that brings benefit to our shareholders, society, the environment and local economies. Recognising natural capital protection as a key element of this agenda, we have placed greater emphasis in understanding the interconnectedness of issues around food, energy and water security, against a backdrop of climate change. These four issues guide our efforts to identify areas where we reduce our own resource consumption, manage risks, and promote business development in our markets. We consider the endorsement of the Natural Capital Declaration as a way of demonstrating our commitment and joining forces with our peers to find innovative solutions to this issue.” – Peter Sands, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank


China Merchants Bank

“CMB has been committed to social responsibility and its role as a corporate citizen since its inception. As part of this commitment, we have contributed to various areas such as poverty relief, education, public health, and green finance. It is with important practical significance to bring forward the concept of “Natural Capital”, which represents human’s profound reflection on self-development. Our priority rests on sustainable utilization of natural capital during the process of socio-economic development. CMB is ready to work with its global peers to maximize the protection of the world’s natural capital.” – Ma Weihua, President and CEO of China Merchants Bank





Ping An Bank

“As Ping An Bank has many clients and partners, we therefore understand that the environmental impact that Ping An Bank might bring to the society cannot be ignored. We should not only focus on the energy conservation and emission reduction of  Ping An Bank itself; more importantly, we need to integrate the environmental factor into our financial products and services in promoting green finance as well as sustainable development. We believe that we would be ready to take more responsibility and more capable of bringing natural capital considerations into the decision-making process of  Ping An Bank.” – Richard Jackson, CEO of Ping An Bank



Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd.

“Caledonia has long seen the value of Natural Capital both financially within our economic system and to our social fiber as part of our larger ecosystem on Earth. It is with this in mind that we heartily endorse The Natural Capital Declaration and fully support all efforts to integrate financial institutions in the important role they play in creating a sustainable platform with far reaching social and environmental impact.” – David McMillan, Co-founder of Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd.







”Recognizing and embracing our role as a responsible investor means committing to sustainability in our investment decision-making process. Sustainability issues such as Natural Capital have been on the agenda for decades. Investors are only now starting to take notice of the potential risks of dependency and impact on natural capital to preserving shareholder value. We do want our portfolio companies to be aware of the risks and opportunities throughout their value chain and take appropriate measures to mitigate or benefit from them. By working together with other financial institutions we hope to capitalize on opportunities arising from the management of these risks to create mutual benefits for all of society.” – Roderick Munsters, CEO of Robeco



Zevin Asset Management

“At Zevin Asset Management, our area of expertise is risk avoidance. We consider environmental, social and governance factors as a marker of strong and enduring companies. Taking environmental, social, and governance factors into account in our security analysis lets us identify potential areas of concern before they become a material issues. Our investment discussions integrate the disciplines of economics, politics, financial analysis, and sustainability. This unique process is a key aspect in bringing together themes of sustainability with investing. Our endorsement of the Natural Capital declaration comes from the need to highlight this message among other financial institutions and regulators to help us all work together towards true sustainability.” – Benjamin Lovell, President of Zevin Asset Management



PaxWorld Management

“The vast stock of natural capital on which human life depends – air, water, minerals, oil, fisheries, forests and rainforests, grasslands, wetlands, oceans – is deteriorating at an unprecedented rate. In fact, all of earth’s basic life-support systems are in serious and accelerating decline while global population has just surpassed the 7 billion mark. Over the next decades, it will be necessary for market capitalism to undergo a Sustainability Revolution equal in significance to the Industrial Revolution that ushered in the modern period. For this to happen, our financial system must dramatically change, and I hope the Natural Capital Declaration can be a catalyst for such change.” – Joe Keefe, President and CEO of PaxWorld Management



Mutualista Pichincha

“Mutualista Pichincha has incorporated the principles and best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the primordial base of our business strategy. Consistent with this philosophy, we encourage and promote any and all initiatives that promote business and businessmen to move toward socially responsible behavior. Moreover, in our institution we have established Eco-Efficiency and Sustainable Construction as our two main objectives within the environmental component of this social responsibility. The Natural Capital Declaration points out the key aspects that should be included in the agenda of any public or private concern in order to protect the otherwise defenseless resources of our world; therefore, we fully endorse it, as we are totally convinced that this is only way to promote a different business perspective within the communities where we carry our activities. Furthermore, we are convinced that responsible corporate behavior is not optional and that adopting a new philosophy that includes concern for our social and natural environment is the key to the long term survival of any company.” – Mario Burbano, CEO of Mutualista Pichincha



“Oppenheim & Co Limited is a boutique asset manager that believes in leadership by example. We have established the Gaia Opportunities Fund in Luxembourg to be an engine for recycling capital into economic sustainability. As well as benefitting clients by investing into themes related to climate change, inflation and population growth, part of our performance fee will be donated to sustainable projects to show that financial companies can be a force for positive change. We are therefore delighted to hereby endorse the declaration.” – Hugo Toby Birch, Managing Director of Oppenheim





Banco Pichincha

“With global warming an undeniable fact, it is clear to us that very action undertaken to reverse this trend will be key to saving our planet. We want to be part of the solution by pursuing a responsible usage of the resources at our disposal. That is also for us a way to contribute to our country’s development .It is important to us to meet our business goals, but the way we do this is even more important. That is to say, our growth is not only characterized by a sense of sustainability, but also one of responsibility towards society and the environment. We strive to make our clients aware of the consequences of the environmental impacts generated by their businesses, both on their lives and on the world as a whole. Environmental risks can and should be anticipated, and they can become business opportunities that generate sustainability for us.” – Fernando Pozo, CEO of Banco Pichincha


FIRA-Banco de Mexico

“Sustainable development is at the core of FIRA´s mission and it is our desire to seek sustainability in every financial operation in which FIRA and any of its partner financial intermediaries takes part. FIRA is well aware that all the extreme climatic events that have been taking place constitutes a signal that action has to be taken to, first, mitigate all the anthropogenic causes of these events and, second, to find novel ways to finance all the required infrastructure to adapt and solve the consequences of this phenomena. This problematic poses a great danger over the wellbeing and hinder the development of the whole world, particularly to the ones in most need. FIRA proactively promotes the adoption of new ideas to foster the sustainable development and thus endorses the Natural Capital Declaration in the hope that future generations can have access to at least the same environmental capital endowed to us.” – Rodrigo Sanchez Mujica, CEO of FIRA-Banco de Mexico


Althelia Ecosphere

“Today, quite simply, the business-as-usual model for development is failing. Financial capital is more often than not deployed in a manner that comes nowhere near to reflecting the value of Earth’s natural capital, and the price of this is all-to-often borne by those separated by space and time from the point at which economic values are realised. We find marine and terrestrial ecosystems, biodiversity, fresh water resources and the Earth’s climate in a perilous state, and at the root of this problem is the fact that the traditional economy as it is constructed is woefully inadequate in ascribing anything like the true value of these resources, which are mission-critical for life on earth and the human economy writ large. As an asset management platform dedicated to piloting approaches for directing the enabling financial and technical resources necessary to shift commerce and economic growth in the tropics and sub-tropics away from a model based solely on near-term financial returns to one in which financial, economic, environmental and social benefits are aligned and mutually re-inforce each other, Althelia Ecosphere is proud to endorse the Natural Capital Declaration.” – Christian Del Valle, Managing Partner of Althelia Ecosphere



“Cyrte Investments recognized that, as an Investment Manager, it also has social responsibility. We select opportunities not only in terms of expected financial return, but also from a social and environmental perspective. We firmly believe that shareholder value can only be maximized if the interest of all stakeholders in an organization are taken into account. We only work, therefore, with corporations who acknowledge their responsibility in relation to human rights and the environment. We therefore fully endorse projects that acknowledge and further promote the value of our natural environment.” – Peter Veldman, COO of Cyrte




Vision Banco

“At Vision Banco, we consider the environment as a cross-cutting issue for business management. Being one of the largest financial institutions in the country and a promoter of Corporate Social Responsibility, the endorsement of the Natural Capital Declaration expresses our commitment to society and future generations. From our position, Paraguay in general is a country heavily dependent on natural resources and ecosystem services, and we hope to promote awareness of the importance of our natural capital (air, soil, water, flora and fauna) in the private business sector, especially financial institutions, and therefore build a sustainable future for all.” – Beltrán Macchi, CEO of Vision Banco



ASN Bank

“Realising a fair sustainable society, countries, companies and the financial sector need to take their responsibility. ASN Bank works on realising a sustainable world. A world where people are free to make their own choices, without compromising others. A society without poverty, where everyone can follow education and have good housing and health. Our core themes are human rights, climate change and biodiversity. We are transparent on our investments. All in line with our vision of how a sustainable world looks like. We therefore endorse the Natural Capital Declaration. It can play an important role since ecosystems provides services that are of economic, aesthetic, religious and cultural value to mankind.” – Ewoud Goudswaard, CEO of ASN Bank