Steering Committee

Role of the NCFA Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a decision-making governance body to support the NCFA and provides guidance to the NCFA Secretariat. Steering Committee members oversee strategy and provide direction and oversight for the Working Groups and the Secretariat, as well as contributing expertise and insight in relevant areas.

The Steering Committee:

  • Is responsible for ensuring that all working groups deliver effective and complementary outputs to support implementation of the NCD commitments, supported by an adequate peer review process.
  • Reviews progress across all Roadmap activities on a quarterly basis.
  • Reviews key implementation planning documents to agree milestones and outputs for NCD implementation.
  • Reviews key outputs of Working Groups to ensure they support implementation of NCD commitments, delivering against objectives in the roadmap and business plan. Members of the Committee will evaluate progress across working groups against work plans and timescales.
  • Will oversee budgetary decisions on the distribution of funds across working groups and expenditure within working groups.
  • Will work with the Secretariat to ensure that Working Groups establish adequate third-party independent peer review processes to help ensure the quality and credibility of outputs.